Weekly Race Results

Race Results (and updates posted) for 11/15/2022 through 11/21/2022


Races (Ordered by Sire)

LADY DUSTY, sor. f. 2, Apollitical Jess--Another Wise Lady by First Down Dash, B--Parsons Family Limited Partner (CA), T--Paul C. Jones, O--Parsons Ranch, LOS ALAMITOS, Nov 19, 300 yards, by ½

POLITICS GONE WILD, b. g. 2, Apollitical Jess--Pyc First Prize Dash by Pyc Paint Your Wagon, B--Weetona Stanley & Raymond Loup (OK), T--Manuel Rodolfo Rodriguez, O--MRB Racing LLC, LONE STAR PARK, Nov 19, 350 yards, by 1½

SUENOS ETERNOS, sor. f. 2, Apollitical Jess--Tres Suenos by Tres Seis, B--Eugene Therwhanger (OK), T--Harvey Baeza, O--Vista Del Sol, Inc., LONE STAR PARK, Nov 18, 400 yards, by nk

PROFIT THE PROPHET, b. g. 2, Apollitical Spirit--Himaintenancegal by Dean Miracle, B--Jill Giles (NM), T--Wesley T. Giles, O--Jill B. Giles, ZIA PARK, Nov 20, 250 yards, by nk

OLIVE DADDY, sor. f. 3, Big Daddy Cartel--Femme Fe Tell by Teller Cartel, B--Cloyd R Easton (NM), T--Oscar V. Carrete, O--Adriana Rodriguez, ZIA PARK, Nov 20, 350 yards, by 1

BOGARTS FLASH, ch. g. 3, Bogart--Penny's Princess by Rush, B--James L Fowler (TX), T--Vonn Mallery, O--Vonn Mallery, LONE STAR PARK, Nov 18, 870 yards, by 5

TILL NEXT TIME, br. g. 2, Capo de Capi--Eyema Blues Girl by Mr Eye Opener, B--Dee And/Or Betty Raper (OK), T--Luis Villafranco, O--Palomino Trucking Inc., WILL ROGERS DOWNS, Nov 15, 350 yards, by 1¾

HOT RIDE, dk b/. c. 3, Clubhouse Ride--Hot to Handle by Unusual Heat, B--Dr. Edward C. Allred (CA), T--James W. Glenn, Jr., O--Edward C. Allred, LOS ALAMITOS, Nov 19, 1000 yards, by 2½

FIRST PANTHER, br. f. 2, Docs Best Card--Chica En La Montana by Panther Mountain, B--Laurenano Perez Espinoza (TX), T--Jose C. Espinoza, O--Laureano Espinoza-Perez, LONE STAR PARK, Nov 19, 350 yards, by ¾

DU IT WITH CLASS, b. f. 3, Duponte--One Famous Class by One Famous Eagle, B--Marty &/ Shalia Powers (OK), T--Jesus Rondan Jr., O--Jose Angel Lopez, ZIA PARK, Nov 19, 300 yards, by 1¼

EYES A LOOKIN, sor. g. 2, Eye Am King--Tows in the Sand by Winners Version, B--Bauer Farm Llc (NM), T--Emily Cardenas, O--Manuel Garibay, ZIA PARK, Nov 20, 400 yards, by 1¾

JHETT EYE, sor. g. 2, Eye Am King--Maggies Miracle Lx by Dean Miracle, B--Benny or Donna Smith (NM), T--Larry Chavez, O--Mike G. Parker, ZIA PARK, Nov 19, 250 yards, by ½

EYE A ALLSTAR, sor. g. 2, Eye Am King--Woodys Allstar by Woodbridge, B--Mj Farms (NM), T--Casey T. Lambert, O--Rich, Haskell E. and Rich, Jacque M., ZIA PARK, Nov 19, 350 yards, by nk

JOB OPENING, br. g. 2, Favorite Cartel--Good Job Honey by Freighttrain B, B--Steve D Burns Dvm (CA), T--Clement Hurtado, O--Jorge A. Silva Verduzco, LOS ALAMITOS, Nov 19, 300 yards, by 1¼

ANOTHER DIAMOND, b. f. 3, Game Patriot--Very Intriguing by Jess Louisiana Blue, B--F & K Partners (LA), T--Mario A. Trujillo, Jr., O--Gerardo Gonzalez, EVANGELINE DOWNS, Nov 17, 300 yards, by ½

GOOD REASON FOR CASH, br. g. 3, Good Reason Sa--Shyann Cash by Takin On the Cash, B--John Andreini / Danny Cardoza (OK), T--Jose E. Gamez, O--Jose E. Gamez, WILL ROGERS DOWNS, Nov 15, 300 yards, by ½

EYE EM HIGHLY RATED, sor. g. 3, High Rate of Return--Brown Eye Suze by Mr Eye Opener, B--Flag Ranch Llc (OK), T--Clinton Crawford, O--Byrd, Christi Hart and Byrd, Gary Lynn, ZIA PARK, Nov 20, 300 yards, by 1

HOOKEDONSEVENNSEVEN, sor. g. 3, Hooked On Run--Bar Fly Blues by Hold for Gold, B--Samantha Kamen (OK), T--Benjamin R. Wilbanks, O--Ashley R. Epperson, EVANGELINE DOWNS, Nov 16, 870 yards, by 6

SAINA BE FIRST, br. m. 5, Jazz Be First--Got Cash to Carry by Royal Quick Charm, B--Gloria Arellano (IN), T--Jose Candia, O--Jose A. Candia, HORSESHOE INDIANAPOLIS, Nov 17, 330 yards, by nk

BLAZIN CHAMISA, gr. c. 2, Jess a Chicks--A Major Chamisa by Major Rime, B--Mike Abraham (NM), T--Wesley T. Giles, O--Gary C. Kloppenburg, ZIA PARK, Nov 20, 350 yards, by hd

INTREPYD, sor. g. 2, Moonin the Eagle--Thriving Ivory by Ivory James, B--Bobby D Cox (TX), T--Trey Wood, O--Norman W. Allen, LONE STAR PARK, Nov 18, 350 yards, by nk

HAUTE TAUDI, sor. f. 3, Mr Jess Perry--Sizzling Lola by First Down Dash, B--Bobby D Cox (TX), T--Wesley T. Giles, O--Whitmire Ranch, LONE STAR PARK, Nov 18, 400 yards, by hd

ONE FAMOUS DELUXE, sor. f. 3, One Famous Eagle--Corona Deluxe by Corona Cartel, B--Grant Farms Llc (LA), T--Emily Cardenas, O--Tomas L. Avitia, ZIA PARK, Nov 19, 300 yards, by nk

MAGNETIQUE, sor. f. 3, Open Me a Corona--Show Me Delight by First Down Dash, B--Dr Tommy Hays (TX), T--Toby Keeton, O--Magnetique Partnership, LONE STAR PARK, Nov 19, 350 yards, by 1

A TOAST TO GENEE, b. g. 2, Open Me a Corona--J J Special Tree by Oak Tree Special, B--Jackie & Jim Berard (LA), T--Mario A. Trujillo, Jr., O--Felipe Ortiz, EVANGELINE DOWNS, Nov 17, 300 yards, by nk

GIUSEPPE TEE, b. g. 2, Tee Cos--Louisiana Caliente by Corona Caliente, B--Lyle Guillory (LA), T--David Bustamante, O--David Bustamante, EVANGELINE DOWNS, Nov 16, 300 yards, by 1½

TORRID TOMMY, b. g. 4, Tom's Tribute--Meltarib by Muqtarib, B--M. Millard (CA), T--Jorge Farias, O--Margarito Farias, LOS ALAMITOS, Nov 19, 1000 yards, by 2½

MERCYS BLING, gr. f. 2, Too Much Bling--Backwoods Bar B by Feature Mr Jess, B--Rio Rojo Racing Stables Llc (TX), T--Kie Mushinski, O--Norris, Robert and Jody, LONE STAR PARK, Nov 18, 400 yards, by ½

WILD BOUT DASHIN, b. f. 2, Wagon Tales--Peppermint's Echo by Eastern Echo, B--Jnl Horse Farm Llc (OK), T--Jesus Ruben Ruiz, O--JNL Horse Farm LLC, WILL ROGERS DOWNS, Nov 15, 300 yards, by nk

BOSSY BUX, ch. f. 2, Zoomin for Bux--Toasted La Jolla by Toast to Dash, B--Bernard or Nola Thornton (LA), T--Dale Keith, O--Stephen A. Tate, EVANGELINE DOWNS, Nov 17, 250 yards, by nk

BUX FOR DIAMONDS, b. f. 3, Zoomin for Bux--Hugos Diamond by Hugo Streakin, B--Jacquie Thompson Crenshaw (LA), T--Mario A. Trujillo, Jr., O--Jacquie Thompson Crenshaw, EVANGELINE DOWNS, Nov 16, 220 yards, by ¾