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Stallion Sire Farm Location 2023 Fee
A Freakin Mazing Eyes For Fame Arrow P Performance Horses and Repro LLC TX $1,250
A Mere Felix Favorite Cartel EG High Desert Farm CA $2,500
A Passion For Flashn First Moonflash Double L L Farm NM $2,000
A Revenant Mr Jess Perry Dunn Ranch OK $4,500
A Royal Jess Mr Jess Perry The Quarter Company NM $1,500(2022)
A Smooth Guy Frenchmans Guy Royal Vista Ranch, LLC OK $3,500
A Streak of Cash Streakin Six Rancho das Américas SP Private(2022)
A Streak Of Law A Streak of Fling Bedonna's Stallion Station OK $1,000
Adrians Jolla Streakin La Jolla Myers Ranch & Racing OK $1,000(2022)
Agouti Corona Cartel Delta Equine Center LA $2,000
Ajs Fast Dash Heza Fast Dash Blanchet Farms LA $2,000(2022)
Ajs Tres Of Paint Apollitical Jess Bob Moore Farms OK $2,500
Alazoom Shazoom Hebert Quarter Horses LA $1,250(2022)
Ali Babe Foose Foose Hart Farms LLC TX $2,500(2022)
Amazing Easy Money The Shady Money Bedonna's Stallion Station OK $850
Andrews Hawkin Andrews Walking West Central Veterinary Services IN $500
Apollitical Blood Apollitical Jess Robicheaux Ranch Inc. LA $10,000
Apollitical Jess Mr Jess Perry Royal Vista Ranch, LLC OK $35,000
Apollitical Spin Apollitical Jess Nabors Quarter Horses MO $1,250
Apollitical Spirit Mr Jess Perry RGV Equine Services
Rio Rico Ranch
TX $2,500
Ar Star Shawne Bug Bowlan Farms OK $1,250(2022)
As Good As Nick Gets Dr Nick Bar Victory Farms OK $2,500
Awesome Chrome First Down Dash The Rockin BB Ranch LLC OK $1,000(2022)
Azoom Shazoom Granada Farms TX $1,500