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SES eMarket Place is a sister website to StallioneSearch.com, the #1 resource for American Quarter Horse racing information, results and stallion research. According to WebTrends, an independent monitoring company, StallioneSearch.com averages over 17,500 unique visitors and 240,000 page views every week.

For several years our users requested a place on StallioneSearch.com to market their horses online. First, we wanted to concentrate on making StallioneSearch.com the industry's leading online source, as to insure we could provide the amount of traffic needed to make an online equine sales site successful. As with StallioneSearch.com , our data for all horses listed for sale is provided by equineline.com .

C2B (consignor-to-buyer) is a term we have coined to differentiate "Internet Horse Sales Commerce" marketing from the normal way breeders bring their animals to market. The C2B consignor understands their product and the power of the Internet. They want to stay profitable, competitive, and successful, while saving money. The C2B Buyer is knowledgeable and is usually looking for the best price without competing head-to-head with other buyers. They use the Internet as a tool to help them in their day-to-day purchases.

eMarket Place provides an online market for:

   bullett Broodmares
   bullett Stallions
   bullett Yearlings* 
bullett Weanlings*
bullett Stallions
bullett Embryos
bullett Horses Of Racing Age

*Weanlings that are enrolled may remain "for sale" as "short yearlings" on the site through April 1. eMarket Place and Stallionesearch do not intend to interfere with the multiple "Summer Yearling Sales," as current company policy, we will not accept Yearlings Consignments to eMarket Place until October 5, after the "Summer Yearling Sales".

We have spent more than year designing and testing this site to make it user friendly for both the consignors and the buyers and to insure the protection of personal data to both. We hope you will take this opportunity to try a new approach selling and buying your racing American Quarter Horses.

If you have any questions or would like a personal guided tour of the site, please contact us at 469.394.6330.


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