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Stallion Sire Farm Location 2020 Fee
Ja Jess Perfect Mr Jess Perry Granada Farms TX $1,000(2021)
Jess A Chicks Chicks a Blazin Double L L Farm NM $3,000
Jess Bein The Hero Valiant Hero Blanchet Farms LA $1,500
Jess Being Valiant Valiant Hero Burns Ranch CA $1,500
Jess Elie Mr Jess Perry Blanchet Farms LA $1,000
Jess Good Candy Good Reason Sa Lazy E Ranch OK $9,500
Jess Got Easier Feature Mr Jess Hawthorne Animal Hospital ID $1,000
Jess Lips Mr Jess Perry Dunn Ranch OK $2,000
Jess Louisiana Blue Mr Jess Perry Jumonville Farms LA $5,000
Jess Mr Chicks Chicks Beduino Burleson Farm TX $500
Jess My Moon Mr Jess Perry Keyser Creek Arena MT $1,250
Jess Special Mr Jess Perry Southern Indiana Equine, Inc. IN $1,000
Jess Zoomin Shazoom West Central Veterinary Services IN $1,500
Jesse James Jr Mr Jess Perry MJ Farms NM $4,500
Jet Black Patriot Game Patriot Double L L Farm NM $4,000
Jettastic Jet Black Patriot 4W Farms LLC OK $1,500(2021)
Jl Dash Ta Heaven Dash Ta Fame Jud Little Ranch OK Call
Jm Specialwynn Walk Thru Fire The Quarter Company NM $2,500
Jr Dynasty Mountain Fdd Dynasty R/M Stables UT $1,500
Judge Cash Dash for Cash Cross Country Ranch OR $4,500
Judy Lineage-PT Special Lineage-TB Bowlan Farms OK $1,250
Jumpn Chic Chicks Beduino Sierra Blanca Equine NM $1,500
Justified Foose Holdaway Ranch UT $1,000